Ending Sugar Cravings…

Did you know that our body LOVES sugar?  Yes…that’s right…our bodies are sugar consuming machines.  This bad news with this is that if we have too much sugar, our body converts it to fat, so that it can use it later, and if we don’t get enough sugar our body takes what sugar we get and CONVERTS IT TO FAT, so we can use it later as well!!!

This is a double edged sword, in that we must have sugar to survive but too much or too little causes us issues.

So we think if we consume “DIET” products that aren’t sugar based, we’re doing better, but THIS IS NOT AN ANSWER EITHER!

Our bodies think SWEET = SUGAR, so we taste sweet and our body starts the process of producing insulin to take care of the sugar, but if we eat non-sugar products, there is no sugar for the insulin to attach to so we develop DIABETES problems.

People are sick of being overweight and trying to “eat right”, but the problem is we are not eating the right foods for US.  This is one reason we created the Wellness Program at the offices.  If you are struggling with weight or sugar issues and you just can’t seem to be healthy – TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!

Our doctors are trained to address your health issues, and we have implemented a program to better understand your particular health care needs.  As always, we will take care of the physical aches and pains – like neck and back pain, but now we can address some of your other health issues like:

Sugar/Diabetes Issues
Thyroid Symptoms
Chronic Fatigue
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
and many more!!!

So get with your Health 1st Doctor today and find out how to stop the symptoms you’ve been dealing with.  Find the answers today!