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“People are tired of being told that they’re normal, when they just don’t feel right”, states Dr. Clifton Mays. “In fact, people constantly tell us their doctors have run “all the tests” and they just don’t have an answer. This is why we’ve created a different approach to health and wellness.”

Dr. Roosevelt Smith and Dr. Clifton Mays have combined their nearly 40 years of clinical experience to create a complete wellness program and have authored a new book titled “Your Health First – Your New Guide To Wellness.” This exciting book covers various health challenges that people have been facing and offers new answers to the questions they are asking. Sections of the book include information on thyroid disorders, diabetes and even irritable bowel syndrome. Although this book is quite in depth and informative, it is easy to read and understand and the practical applications found in the chapters can be used by anyone searching for answers to their health issues.

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Are you suffering from thyroid issues? If you are like most people, you may not usually spend much time thinking about your thyroid. Among the long list of health concerns you may have for yourself or your loved ones, the thyroid is not one of the first health concerns that you may have. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that the thyroid is largely overlooked in the standard discussions of public health, and that it is something of a mystery. But surprisingly, thyroid problems affect millions of people each day, and there are potentially serious side effects to consider when a thyroid problem is encountered. As you will learn in this book, there is a thyroid solution!

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